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Shortlist your EMR or have our skilled billers shortlist an EMR which is well suited for your practice through their experience in implementing various EMRs for different practices. Through our industry network we apply a neutral approach in selecting the right EMR for your medical practice with your support. We strive to give you the best from the market and help you analyze top EMR vendors, assisting you in making the right choice for your needs.

If you wish to employ Billers experienced in a particular software we can assist with that as well. Our billers, are well tuned to the software used by most of the practices used and can instantly implement the chosen software to your practice as they would need minimal training in accordance with your practice, they can efficiently provide services from the first day itself. In case of any new software our billers with experience in varied software’s can adapt quickly with their skill sets of using their expertise of working with various EMRs.

Take the first step in increasing your efficiency by reducing your cost and opt for an EMR and other services:

EMR Software List

ChartLogic EMR

EMR Specialty : Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedic, Otolaryngology, Pain ...
Discription : One of the earliest to dawn on the scene, ChartLogic EMR is a comprehensive EMR system integrated with Practice Management System. Designed primarily to capture clinical encounters, ChartLogic EMR has been able ally to physicians seeking seamless transfer of clinical documentation electronically. ...

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ClearPractice Integrated suite Clinical Management Softwares

EMR Specialty : Cardiology, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Internal ...
Discription : This integrated suite of Clinical Management Softwares – comprising Electronic Medical Record system (EMR), Practice Management System (PMS), Electronic Prescribing, and Personal Health Record – comes from the company that was the first to the first to deliver a SaaS-based integrated EMR...

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ChiroTouch EMR/EHR & Patient Records Software

EMR Specialty : Chiropractic
Discription : Specifically designed for transforming Chiropractic clinical documentation, practice management functions, and patient record management, ChiroTouch Version 5.1 quite lives up to being the comprehensive software integrated with latest EMR/EHR & Patient Record features. Its ability to seamlessly integrate...

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