Reasons your optometry practice needs a dedicated medical billing and coding company

April 13, 2017

Reasons your optometry practice needs a dedicated medical billing and coding company


Are you getting total reimbursement for the services provided through in-house billers or the accounts department at your Optometry practice? If, your answer is 'NO', than choosing a proficient Optometry billing and coding company is what you will need to get your act right and increase the cash flow of your practice.

Once you have zeroed in over a medical billing agency that will look after the charging prerequisite. And also that you are thinking about outsourcing your optometry or ophthalmology therapeutic billing administration, but are still in the catch-22 situation, here are eight reasons to challenge your doubts over dedicated medical billing and coding company.

  1. Receive the benefits of positive day by day income. Remember that insurance claims are processed daily, payments are commonly received inside 2-3 weeks versus 60-90 days, and remits are posted every day. Dedicated billing agencies can help you diminish denials and increment coding accuracy.
  2. Observe a normal of 99.7% for claims paid. Align your services with a billing company where you pay for what you really get paid from insurance agencies.
  3. Be at peace with your work and get continued benefits even during business hours. Never stress over delayed payments, planning for staff leaves, unplanned sick leaves, turnover or costly training sessions that does not let you to concentrate on your work.
  4. Concentrate on your patients and other imperative parts of your practice. Eliminate the need to spend hours talking over the phone with insurance agencies. Keeping in mind the winning formula, "More Patients = More Revenue." This is only possible with dedicated billing agency.
  5. Get three billers at the cost of one. Various optometry billing agencies today heed in cutting your cost of operation as a committed biller submits claims, posts insurance payments and inquires about unpaid AR, or all for the cost of one biller.
  6. Guarantee protection and safety of information with HIPAA-compliant administrations. Remove the PHI stress figure. Choose a billing agency that conforms to documents archive and workstation security, email security, fax and data security and report disposal and destruction.
  7. Evade delays in repayments with claim scrubbing. Some practice management systems do exclude highlights that support claim scrubbing edits that alert you to a referring or missing doctor request. The outcomes? Claims that are sent to insurance agencies with mistakes, brings about denials and expensive delays in the reimbursement cycle. Offshore optometry billing and coding agencies are specialists at ensuring your claims clean and free from errors.
  8. Get real time access and reports on your financial status and activity reports. You're charging administration should provide you access to daily reports and financial status of your facility. If they don't, than you whom to go for, a full-fledged optometry billing company that keeps on providing you real time reports as well as financial information related to your practice.

Professional billers take care of the billing hassle to maintain consistent cash flow and improve the overall turn-around time on your submitted claims. They work with each of your facility staff to provide a solid billing solution.


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