Top 5 Ways to Amend Neurology Billing

December 05, 2014

Neurologists require a team of billing specialists who have a clear understanding of specific coding and billing guidelines for neurology such as, nerve blocks, EMGs (electromyogram), nerve conduction studies and chemodenervation. Billers need to stay updated on the latest Medicare regulations and other policies that relate to neurology billing. Providers also need to hire experienced coders who are trained in using ICD-9-CM as well as certified in ICD-10 codes.

Compared to other medical specialties, the Neurology billing and coding can be quite challenging. Even a small error can lead to fraud, abuse and RAC audit, resulting in a reimbursement denial. Here are a few tips that can help neurology practices avoid unnecessary delay in payments:

  • With ICD-10 round the corner, it has become important to train or hire coders who can handle the complexities of the new coding system. This will reduce delays in the claims settlement procedure. Training or hiring coders well-versed in ICD-10 will not only result in error-free billing but also help maintain accuracy in records for future inspections.
  • The medical staff should be trained in verifying the patient benefits of their insurance policies in an accurate manner. They should check with the patient for all the applicable co-insurance responsibilities, co-payments and deductibles. Verification of specific procedures and required approvals should be done at the time of registration.
  • It is very important for the neurologists to maintain accurate records and medical histories. This not only helps in offering effective counseling to patients but also in reducing claims denials. Follow-ups should be done on a regular basis for the tests that have been prescribed to the patients. The outstanding accounts should also be monitored regularly for timely payments.
  • Neurology coders need to avoid cloning of medical claims by using accurate coding level for each patient. This is important because billing all patients at the same level can lead to an audit.
  • Neurology practices can reduce delays in claims settlement by offering training to their coders and billers for the latest billing procedures. Even the medical staff should be trained in practicing the latest neurology practices so that they can serve the patients’ needs with ease. It is also recommended to train the administrative staff in fee-for-value model so that they understand the need to enhance patient satisfaction levels.

Many neurologists across the US prefer to outsource neurology billing services for overcoming payment-related challenges and in-house employment issues too. By choosing a medical billing partner such as MedicalBillersandCoders.com, they have been able to maximize revenue and reduce claims denial rate.

An expert team of coders and billers at MBC has been offering effective neurology medical billing services in Florida and Texas. MBC’s RCM solutions reduces the complexities related to claims filing, denial management, health IT implementation and HIPAA compliance. Neurology practices in cities like Dallas, Austin, Bronx, Brownsville, and Miami are running profitable practices after outsourcing their billing to MBC.

Outsourcing neurology billing to a reliable company eliminates employment issues, paying salaries and giving perks to the employee, deal with absenteeism, the need to hire and train the billing staff, etc. Therefore outsourcing makes for a dual profit model, viz. a huge cost cutting measure as well as procuring maximum reimbursements with dedicated manpower for managing the accounts receivables.


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