Adding Telehealth to Your Medical Practice Will Increase Your Medical Revenue In 2017

March 28, 2017


Telehealth also includes online communications, online doctor visits (e-visits) and emails taken place between patient and healthcare providers. It can provide an effective add-on over traditional face to face medical visits in warding off medical illness, and stabilizing a medical condition of the patient till he/she reaches hospital.

Adding telehealth to your medical practice is a smart decision? Yes, it brings variety of benefits to your patient care and medical practice. It can make your medical practice profitable. Here's how adding telehealth to your medical practice increases your medical revenue in 2017:

  1. Telehealth offers easy off hour appointments
    A lot of doctors are spending their most of the time making follow-ups, phone calls and answering messages of the patients. What is the best part about Telehealth is you can make follow-ups, phone calls and tell them about the new medications and treatments through video calling. You will have a more robust visit, and get reimbursed for the Medicare that you deliver.
    Why not monetize these text based interactions through telehealth while providing a service that your patients want? Get paid for the hard work you do and with telehealth.
  2. Easy to compete with local clinics through Telehealth
    Patients these days are ending up at, urgent centers, retail clinics and even for ER because they can't get in to see their doctor. Doctors at times are losing potential revenue from simple appointments.
    A telehealth solution may not resolve these issues, but it provides a better solution to deal with this by allowing you to give same day / on-demand appointments. All you have to do is queue up those requests online and then do the visits when you seem to have a free schedule.
  3. Telehealth helps you attract new patients
    80% of the patients said that they were okay with the telemedicine visit for a minor complaint. This concept has witnessed an incredible rise in several clinics and hospitals which ensured that patients were interested in accessible health care alternatives.
  4. Telehealth offers to provide after hour services, or extended hours from home
    Offering extended hours of practice is a good way to increase revenue and attract patients; of course it is not always a convenient alternative. However; with telehealth you could generate a substantial income.
    Consider replacing your extended hours through telehealth visits, or you can also offer on demand Medicare offer on-demand appointments from home. You will be able to give better treatments, more revenue and returning patients – all these without physically exhausting yourself.
  5. Increased patient's flow
    An enhanced appointment schedule and fast virtual checking your patients can help your practice run smoothly. Telehealth can improve your medical practice by allowing your patients to do a quick by setting up a telemedicine appointment, they're more likely to book another appointment- more appointments, more patients which means increase medical revenue
  6. Make out for your billable time
    When those inevitable no shows patients happen, telehealth lets you accommodate your other patients through virtual medical practice. It happens that at times patients can't just come to your office irrespective of taking confirmed appointments and you wait for hours. Why not turn this "wait time" in to productive time and accommodate patients who are interested with virtual checkup. You can recapture this time that you might have lost to an inefficient appointment schedule.

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