How To Handle Optometry Billing Service Challenges With Ease?

December 23, 2016

How To Handle Optometry Billing Service Challenges With Ease?

Optometry as a practice is not that difficult to manage, but if proper medical billing and coding requirements are not followed, might lead to face many challenges. Optometry administrations have seen an expanding development in today's healthcare industry, and it is only a logical decision to oversee the billing service challenge with ease.

With new healthcare reforms in place, it allows optometry professionals to prescribe medications and perform minor treatments, as people like to visit an Optometry facility with minor eye care problems as opposed to booking an appointment with an Ophthalmologist. In any case, with expanding number of patient inflow and assortment of services getting added to the care package of Optometry facilities, medical billing has become vital to generate income, and streamline the Revenue Cycle Management.

Here are some of the Optometry Billing Service Challenges Optometrist can face with Ease.

  • Settlement of Claims –
    Medicare, Medicaid and numerous private insurance suppliers require certain compliance guidelines and prior authorization for Optometry treatment. For any practice to remain monetarily feasible, a solid claim settlement ratio is imperative. Hence, vigilant data collection, pre-approval, HIPAA complaint information sharing, follow up of AR and timely claims submission must be must be observed to guarantee 100% claim settlement.
  • Adhering to HIPPA guidelines–
    Adhering to rules and guidelines laid down by HIPAA for PHI (Patient Health Information) insurance is must for any covered entity. Offering medical data to insurance carriers such as Medicaid and Medicare for claim settlement makes an optometry practice a covered entity. Adjusting to HIPPA standards, accordingly, adds more weight to the EMR and coding arrangement of your optometry practice.
  • Inefficient in-house billing department -
    To avoid data management errors and claims denials, numerous Optometrists outsource their billing and coding tasks to professional billing agencies that have the intricate details of the billing procedure. With highly specified coding and billing prerequisites of Optometry, it is a bit too much of a task for your in-house billers to provide quality outcome on each claim submission for reimbursement. Therefore, as you opt to outsource your Revenue Cycle Management and billing duties, it is important to conduct a quality check with the billing agency, and see to it that they are a reliable service provider.
  • Understanding the Medicare and Medicaid billing requirements –
    With millions of Americans already covered under the Medicare and increasing by the day, the patient base of your Optometry center is probably going to incorporate a substantial number of patients covered under government healthcare providers. Though, most of the private Optometry practitioners don't offer their administrations to Medicare and Medicaid patients, including Medicare and Medicaid arrangements into your RCM can guarantee more noteworthy claim settlement ratio.
  • Resolving the AR and bad debts issues -
    According to statistical data 30-40% of an Optometry facility's yearly income is lost due to irregular follow-up, increased Accounts Receivable days and customer disappointment. Optometrists must utilize standard follow-up and fulfill the data requirements along with settling the AR days to overcome this challenge.
  • Untrained staff related to for information mining –
    With EMR and EHR turning into the standard procedure to follow, untrained in-house staff to record patient information can lead to severe revenue losses. Gathering all the required data and recording it with proper codes is the need of the hour for a faster reimbursement period, which if ignored can trounce the entire coding and billing process for your optometry practice. Due to insufficient attention paid to information collection, the expected revenue generation gets a setback. To resolve this issue a partnering firm in the form of an optometrist medical billing and coding agency stands to be very handy.

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