Modernization of Radiology Practice – Will it affect your Billing Cycle?

October 27, 2016


Over the past couple of years there have been regular discussions on a broader level, as to where do the practice of radiology stands, as far as modernization is concerned. Along with modernization, another concern for specialist in the radiology field is the fear of losing revenue. This fear can be connected with various departments right from patient admission and screening, commoditization, billing errors, claims reimbursement, inappropriate coding for procedures or the overall organizational workflow. However, there is no need to get discouraged as that future is very splendid.

In this article we will look at various aspects modernization that may or may not hamper the growth of Radiology as a practice.

  1. Pay/Compensation: It's a reality that radiology repayment has been declining lately, to a great extent because of bundled installments and the multiple procedure payment reduction (MPPR). Also, this drop hinders radiologists' pay rates. But compared to other medical practices, it is safe to see that radiology at the moment is not bad as it seems.
    In 2015, radiologists on an average earned anywhere between $315,000- 400,000. In fact, radiology pay rates or salary was positioned uniformly with orthopedists and above cardiologists and plastic specialists.
  2. Expanded Workload: Through modernization of equipment and procedures the practice of radiology has indeed upgraded, but it has also expanded the workload for the in-house staff. As is the first priority of any medical practitioner to provide the best available patient care and consideration, most of the time the physician and the staff are preoccupied by some other workload.
    Nearly any mid-career radiologist will agree that today's workloads are heavier. There are more films to read and fewer individuals on every shift to inspect them. In such a scenario, the option of outsourcing the radiology billing and coding service through a third-party approach can leverage the workflow, and let the in-house staff concentrate where it matters the most, which is patient care.
    For instance, they will have the chance to participate in clinical research, teaching, counseling, quality supervision, regulatory, and entrepreneurial work all through their work life.
  3. Commoditization: Much has been bemoaned as of late about commoditization of radiology. In any case, anything that is commoditized can be de-commoditized. Radiologists should take this opportunity to showcase the value the specialist brings to medicinal services, including the new low dose technologies, enhanced hold up times, and improved patient experience.
    Some of the modernized doctor's offices are providing free-Wi-Fi and workspaces for patients in waiting rooms, and play regions for youngsters. Others show informational slides to acclimatize patients who will be part of their imaging procedure.
  4. Outsourcing: Many practitioners are of the belief that outsourcing vital undertaking of a radiology department such as medical billing and coding could lead to severe business loss or miss-management. However, one of the foremost aspects of modernization is in fact outsourcing. Yes, outsourcing won't just streamline your billing errors, but it will overhaul the entire reimbursement period that was earlier facing many delays. Numerous radiologists in major US markets such as New York, Texas, California, Florida and elsewhere are going for offshore entities sort-out the billing intricacies.

In the end as a radiology specialist, the main aim of the facility or the hospital is sustain a healthy business cycle that pays well, not only for the doctors, but to the patient attendants and in-hose staff also. Yes, modernization in the medical field has brought lots of benefits to both patient and the physician, but until and unless if you are not modern enough to outsource the medical billing and coding department to an offshore entity, it won't solve the accounting hassles that your facility is facing.


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