Why Providers Are Considering Alternate Payment Models for Outsourced Medical Billing?

May 30, 2017


A survey conducted by The American Academy of Private Physicians revealed that 25% of providers are already using direct primary care or some other membership model in their practice while the other 35% are considering a change. These increasingly high statistics are valid proofs that with the staggering growth and advancement of the medical field, it is also becoming vital to ensure you consider switching to alternate payment models.

Medical billing has recently taken a turn for the better. Process have been simplified and made less taxing, outsources ASC billing has increased and lastly, it has greatly improved the work-life balance too. With extreme situations and high importance and stress caused due to improperly done billing procedures, it was also seen that the overall demand for alternate payment model in outsourced medical billing has been increasing over the last few decades. While the primary use for an alternate payment model is to give providers premium quality and cost-effective solution, it also ensures that the final and overall medical billing services flow smoothly with minimum hassle, for the patient as well as the doctor or medical institution. Going ahead, one can also expect that these payment methods are simplified, made available to many more medical institutions so that more patients and doctors can take advantage of it and lastly, it can simplify processes.

As compared to earlier times, medical processes have now become more complex, time-consuming and tedious. The entire process of getting a patient admitted, conducting tests and getting reports, having surgeries and treatments done and finally discharging patients makes for a lengthy course. After all of these services, when medical billing is considered, it furthermore stretches and causes a lot of inconveniences, considering that the last thing a patient would want is to wait a few hours or maybe even half a day more for the billing procedures to be completed. Additionally, such times also require a family member, relative or friend to constantly take care of all the extra medical formalities on behalf of the patient.

In such cases, alternate payment models avoid one to extra trouble in terms of fee-for-service models or FFS, as commonly known. Some key advantages of having an alternate payment model are:

• Provides quality services without hurting your pocket
• Receive lump-sum bonuses
• Makes processes simplified
• Avoid unnecessary losses

Thus, in a nutshell, alternate payment models are the best thing to consider when it comes to outsourced medical billing services. The same also improves other aspects related to medical billing like adding value based medical care, increase in savings and the freedom to explore other options. Furthermore, doctors should make sure they look at various options together and consider how things will change in the long run before making a decision. Medical billing procedure is some of the most complex ones today and if something can make it a wee bit simpler, it should definitely be considered.


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