Stacey Soule

Expertise In: Medical Billing

Name : Stacey Soule
Experience : 13
Specialty : Medical Billing
Location : MooersForks,NY
Description :


1. Northeastern Central High School - 1998 - Grad. 2002

2.  Community College of Vermont: Administrative Management; Associate

Microsoft Office Suite, Leadership Man. Classes, Interpersonal small Group Communications, Effective work place skills. - 2006 to current

 3. At-Home-Professions Healthcare Documentation Program                

 Certification: Completed-    05/2016

Certification includes:

Outpatient coding, Medical billing, Medical coding, Medical Transcription, Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Speech Recognition Editing, Medical Terminology, and Electronic Medical Records. Skills: The language & concepts of health insurance, Healthcare Ethics & Legal issues, Processing medical bills & insurance claim forms, research and assigning medical codes, organizing & protecting patient records, transcription of medical reports, and speech recognition editing.



 1. Mylan Pharmaceuticals:   10-07-2013 to Current

                                Job Title:   LTS Machine Operator

 Summary of job entitles:  

Manufacturing transdermal Pharmaceutical patches. Perform safety checks, OSHA Safety Eye Wash and Shower checks, measure material, change rolls, deduct material, dispense drug.

Certifications:  Fork Lift License- Electric pallet Jack.


2. Energizer:  10 Years

     Job Titles:   Replacement Operator         6 yrs.

                               Lithium Operator    2 yrs.

                               Cathode Operator              2 yrs.

Machine Operator:  Winders (Battery) Machine, Electrolyte (Battery) Machine, Beader (Battery) Machine, Collet (Battery) Machine, Can (Battery) Machine, Cathode Ovens, Crimper (Battery) Machine, Predischarge, Label Line, Calendar, Slitter, Mix Room, 5109 Line (Flash Lights), Industrial Line (Flash Lights), 3151 Line (Flash Lights)

Certifications: PAPR, APR, HOIST TRAINING, LITHIUM TRANING, HAZMAT TRAINING (2 – 10 years of experience)

Summary of Job Entitles:

measure materials using Criterion Program, moisture machine, lab checks measuring the ph. Balance, specific gravity, acid acceptance, water calibrations, change filters, take water samples, record stack readings, chemical hazard disposal, virgin delivery TCE,  viscosity checks, PM on equipment. Change rolls of material on machines, clearing Battery jams, Changing Electrolyte Vessels,