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Marion Duffey

Name : Marion Duffey
Experience : 18
Specialty : Mental Health, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Neurology & Orthopedic
Location : GardenGrove,CA
Description :

Marion Duffey is a Medical Billing Professional working in the industry since 1993. She currently leads a small team with a wide exposure to many specialty practices. Her passion lies in consulting for her client's office to increase their revenue. Her strengths lie in the fact that she has managed to grow her business on the basis of referrals. She truly provides value for services in the medical Billing services. 

She caters to clients from her office in Garden Grove and my client base is mainly in Los Angeles and Orange County.  She believes in formal training and certification and thus her team is minimally CPC certified with a minimum of 2 years of experience.  She has been extremely successful in servicing the following  specialties:  Family practice, Internal medicine, Mental health, Physical therapy, Neuro surgery, Ortho, Radiology, Pain management, and Work Comp.