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What Happens to Health Reforms under Donald Trump’s Presidency?

You may like it or not, but Donald Trump has become the 45th President of the United States after a heated election battle with Democrat Hilary Clinton. With promises of ‘Make America Great Again’, the Trump administration is all set to … Continue reading

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5 Services Offered by Your Medical Billing Company to Improve Your Practice

Whether to outsource your medical billing or to do it in-house is a difficult decision many practitioners face. However, it should be as easy as performing your own surgery. Medical billing requires a high set of skills, and in the … Continue reading

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10 Signs You Should Invest in Managing Your Accounts Receivables

In the spirit of thanksgiving, we wanted to share some of the most surprising facts about the state of accounts receivable management. Prepare yourself for some truly frightening facts that may make you think twice about your current accounts receivable management. … Continue reading

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Guidelines for Reviewing your Billing Manager’s Performance

Conducting performance analysis has been an age old practice by many businesses worldwide. However, we come across many such physicians, solo and group practices, who do not feel the need to have any assessment and review done for their billing … Continue reading

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Why We Love Medical Coder (And You Should, Too!)

With the increasing number of healthcare service providers all over the world, the demand for medical coding professionals is also increasing. Recent news also mentioned that this profession will be in great demand within the next 5 years. But, due … Continue reading

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Wound Care Reimbursement guidelines that are worth following

In today’s scenario most of the patients expect clinicians to go by evidence-based medicine for wound closure and for preventing relapse for a persistent wound that refuses to heal. Wound care billing guidelines indicate that physicians need to provide services … Continue reading

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Lessons to learn about medical billing from 2016 to improve on in 2017

To err is human; but in the healthcare industry, it can cost a patient all his savings, or can drastically reduce the revenues of a physician. Hence, in all possibilities, the medical billing and coding team must avoid slip-ups or … Continue reading

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