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Streamlined Dental Billing Can Enhance Revenue Collection for Your Practice by 20%

Dental practices need to streamline their billing tasks in order to enhance revenue collection. Accuracy needs to be exercised in coding, billing, timely claim submission and follow-ups to get paid for the services offered. Challenges faced by dental practitioners: With … Continue reading

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Is Your Dental Practice Billing 100% error free?

A large number of healthcare providers are not worried about their practice’s billing procedures as long as the revenue is coming. Some choose to ignore whereas some lack the time to concentrate on the insurance billing processes. If you are … Continue reading

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Changing Trends and Billing Practices in Dental Medicine

Dental medicine has been suffering from the far reaching effects of the economic meltdown. Dental benefits are the first ones to be revoked by employers and people refrain from buying dental insurance at the time of financial crisis. Even though … Continue reading

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Why you should have Life Insurance? Some Strong Reasons

As you know, there are various life insurance services available in the world—however, some people are still confused about the significance of life insurance in their lives. In the UK, citizens know about its importance; in fact, two out of … Continue reading

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The Significance of Responding To Orthopedic Medical Billing and Coding Dynamics!

In today’s challenging billing scenario, Orthopedic physicians and surgeons are facing increased pressure due to increased billing challenges.  Extensive coding changes and revision have been introduced by the CPT Manual this year (2013), further impacting Orthopedic reimbursement in a big … Continue reading

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Internal Medicine Practices Handling A Unique Billing Process Gain From Specialized Medical Billing

Medical billing can be challenging for all types of medical practices; however, for internal medicine physicians/internists, it can be even trickier as the billing procedure for them is quite unique. Why is billing unique for internists? For majority of medical … Continue reading

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Necessity of Experience and Expertise in Family Practice medical Billing

Family practice has traditionally ailed from under revenue collection for various factors related to billing and coding, like modifier omission, lack or inadequacy of supporting documentation, underscoring and claim submission. These may look like minor errors but their impact on … Continue reading

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