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How Important is Error-Free Claims Processing to Improve Profitability of Your Practice?


  According to research sources, poor medical billing practices in the US alone are estimated to leave approximately $125 billion on the table each year! The reasons for this can be embedded in an inefficient Revenue  Cycle  Management  (RCM)  process,  … Continue reading

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Enhance Pathology Revenue with a Smooth Billing Process


  Constant change in the healthcare industry has impacted timely reimbursement for medical practices over the past few years. Pathology Medicare and Medicaid have gone on a reduction spree as far as physician reimbursements are concerned. Most third party payers … Continue reading

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Will 2016 bring more Challenges in Medical Billing?


  Constant changes take place in the healthcare industry with respect to codes, rules and standards. As 2015 saw the introduction of ICD-10, the knowledge of these codes along with other challenges shall unquestionably be carried forward to 2016. So … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Make Your Back Office More Efficient with EHR Software


  In this age of technology, things can change on a dime. If you’re a medical provider then longevity is everything. It gives you credibility and – if you’re talented and passionate about what you do –brings newly referred patients … Continue reading

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Cybercrime – How are you Ensuring Safety for your Practice?


  There have been rapid strides in the development of technology and we use it in most spheres today. Medical practice has benefitted immensely through technology, enabling patients to gain access to quality healthcare. However, Cybercrime too has become highly … Continue reading

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Let us Measure ICD-10’s Progress in 2015


  We, the healthcare providers, all waited with bated breath as the October 01, 2015 drew close – the day when our systems would transition from ICD-09 to ICD-10 coding system. The blogs and articles tried to draw up as … Continue reading

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Lessons learnt in Medical Billing from 2015 to Improve on in 2016


 Health providers have not always been meticulous when it comes to patients billing, and have suffered reimbursement setbacks. Added to this, were wrongly coded claims, no timely follow-ups with denial claims and A/R billing. However, with the changing healthcare reforms, … Continue reading

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