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3 Ways I can reduce my medical billing costs


  More and more physicians are feeling the burden of both administrative and operational costs. One would wonder how this affects their medical billing and coding practice impacting their Revenue Cycle management (RCM) system. With the rules and regulations that … Continue reading

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Is Your Practice Perfectly Billing the ENT Procedures?


 Otolaryngology on the outset seems to be a very casual practice, wherein the medical practitioner has to only deal with certain ENT procedures. However, it is much more than ear, nose and throat. The intricacies related to accurate medical billing and coding requirement is what outpatient facilities, … Continue reading

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Let your prime focus be on Patient Care!


 Somewhere along the way you decided to become a medical practitioner and use that knowledge to help and treat people. You didn’t spend all those years studying medicine to end up spending most of your time billing and coding for … Continue reading

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5 good things if my billing / revenue cycle was managed by a professional billing company


  In our previous blog we have read why it was critical to have an efficient claims processing system to help improve profitability for medical services rendered. To ensure that the cash inflow is seamless, an efficient and effective revenue … Continue reading

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Oncology billing and Coding – What you should know and what you shouldn’t?


 When we talk about Oncology billing, one of the most important aspects that a practitioner relies on is the precise documentation that reflects time, resources, pinning down the exact procedure codes. As an Oncology doctor treats one of the most critical patient … Continue reading

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How Important is Error-Free Claims Processing to Improve Profitability of Your Practice?


  According to research sources, poor medical billing practices in the US alone are estimated to leave approximately $125 billion on the table each year! The reasons for this can be embedded in an inefficient Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process, … Continue reading

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Ways to Increment your RCM via Outsourced Podiatry Medical Billing


    Podiatry medical billing certainly has been one of the most intricate physician practices when it comes to medical billing and coding. One vital element for conducting a sustainable podiatry medical service is to increment the Revenue Cycle Management via Outsourced Podiatry medical billing services. Juggling … Continue reading

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