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Lessons learnt in Medical Billing from 2015 to Improve on in 2016

Health providers have not always been meticulous when it comes to patients billing, and have suffered reimbursement setbacks. Added to this, were wrongly coded claims, no timely follow-ups with denial claims and A/R billing. However, with the changing healthcare reforms, … Continue reading

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Why does your Staff Fail to Collect Revenue from Patients?

As per Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) report released in December 2014, 43 million citizens have overdue medical debt and a staggering 52 % of all debt on credit reports is from medical billing. The findings of the study clearly … Continue reading

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Why Female Neurologists are Paid Lesser than their Male Counterparts?

Neurology experiences gender disparities in case of the pay physicians get. The number of women physicians has increased in the US; however, they continue to earn less than their male colleagues. The earning gap between the male and female neurologists … Continue reading

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What are the New Job Requirements for Medical Billing Specialists?

Medical Billing specialists play a vital part in preventing the US healthcare administrative system from falling apart. Their astuteness in creating detailed billing records and efficiently coded invoices ensure that the business side of healthcare does not hamper the medical … Continue reading

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Top 5 Ways Hospitals can Reduce their Physician Shortage Rate

In today’s times the medical community faces a plethora of challenges and shortage of physicians is one of them. The WHO is estimating a shortage of more than four million physicians and health care workers around the world. So, one … Continue reading

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