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Are doctors the best decision makers for the financial health of their practice?

The practice of medicine is all about specialization. Doctors spend more than a decade of practice necessary for getting specialization in any field of medicine. Plus with the technological advances, ever-changing protocols in the specialty, they need to stay abreast … Continue reading

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5 Advantages of Using Orthopedic Billing Outsourcing Services

Orthopedic billing is a crucial process of any orthopedic practice. To keep your practice running smoothly by minimizing claim denials and cash flow problems, It is important to keep in mind few aspects while billing: Double check patient information, Verify … Continue reading

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Will Medical Billing Reports And Dashboards Make Medical Practices Profitable?

With never ending pressure to have a profitable medical practice, one requires to have everything streamlined right from patient medical care to reimbursements. Enhanced medical billing reporting plays a vital role in offering financial stability to a physician. Unlike in-house … Continue reading

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Do You Really Think That In-house Hospital Billing Staff Can Successfully Deal With Previous AR issues?

Each year the physicians in USA lose thousands of bucks in the form of bad errors. These so called bad errors are “Account Receivables” that have exceeded the acceptable time limit and seems impossible for further follow-ups. Once these “AR” … Continue reading

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