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7 Questions to Ask Before You Step Towards Outsourcing Your Cardiology Billing

To attain cent percent perfection at cardiology billing is a far-fetched dream for most specialty clinics because of the extensive experience and knowledge it requires.  ICD-10 comes with added complexities which raise the stakes for achieving accuracy. Add to its … Continue reading

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Difference between invasive, non-invasive and interventional cardiology

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is directly co-related to a healthy heart. But due to changing routines and eating habits, there are times where heart problems occur. In such cases, it is the cardiologist who diagnoses the problem and treats it … Continue reading

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Cardiology Billing Requires Focus and Deep Expertise – How is this Justified?

One of the very complex and challenging disciplines’ in medicine is ‘Cardiology.’  It deals with the treatment of the cardiovascular system – illnesses and abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels. This includes procedural and diagnostic services performed by cardiologists. … Continue reading

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Do not Miss our Exciting Thanksgiving Offers!

It is the month of November and this is the Thanksgiving month. This year we have a special way to celebrate Thanksgiving. With so many offers that will be out there, here we are, much in advance with our offers, … Continue reading

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Highest Paying Specialties for Physicians in US

One of the highest paying professions in the United States is that of healthcare professionals. However, for medical billing purposes, it is often important to understand the burgeoning fields/medical disciplines which are on the rise and garner the maximum revenue. … Continue reading

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