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Highest Paying Specialties for Physicians in US

One of the highest paying professions in the United States is that of healthcare professionals. However, for medical billing purposes, it is often important to understand the burgeoning fields/medical disciplines which are on the rise and garner the maximum revenue. … Continue reading

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Improving Efficiency of Dental Billing and Collections with greater Focus on Patient Care

Over one million adults across 36 states in the US enrolled for dental plans through the newly-established health insurance marketplace in 2014, according to a published report. The American Dental Association has estimated that more than 8.3 million adults nationwide … Continue reading

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Is your Dental Practice Facing a huge outstanding AR?

According to a survey, dentists perceive past due accounts as the biggest threat to their revenue cycle. Past due debt should not be an accepted way of doing business. If you have slow or lazy payers, you need to take … Continue reading

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Importance of Documentation for Successful ICD 10 Dental Billing and Coding

Due to the nearing ICD 10 compliance deadline, there is brouhaha over various aspects of ICD 10 including codes, transition, HIPPA, etc. But the role of documentation in ensuring successful reimbursement under ICD 10 standards is finding minimal mention in … Continue reading

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Will Dental Billing Practices Be Impacted by ICD 10?

With the advent of electronic billing and coding practices, modern healthcare has benefited tremendously over the past decade. Physicians no longer have to stay on a lookout for coding changes to keep their practices away from mis-coding and claim denials. … Continue reading

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Should you be Training your Dental Biller for ICD 10 Changes?

The coding transformation from ICD 9 to ICD 10 is undoubtedly the biggest change that healthcare industry will be experiencing in 2014. While medical practitioners will now have to use a range of 155000 diagnosis and procedural codes, dental billers … Continue reading

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