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Orthopedic Surgery Coding Challenges: The Top 5 Common Errors in Orthopedic Procedure Codes

Procedure coding in Orthopedic Surgery is very essential to avoid loss of revenue which can affect the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). With implementation of the ICD-10 codes and the changing healthcare rules and regulations, orthopedic surgery procedure coding has become … Continue reading

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Orthopedic Billing: In-House Vs. Outsourcing

  Unlike any other practices, billing is a very crucial factor, even to orthopedic practices that are looking out for steady cash flow and decent revenues. It is a major decision that medical practices need to make whether  to  handle … Continue reading

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Optimizing workflow for Orthopedic practice offers effective results

With changes occurring worldwide in all organizational sectors, the healthcare industry too needs to embrace change in its workflow in order to succeed. For this, the process workflow must be in sync with competence and productivity. In the case of … Continue reading

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Highest Paying Specialties for Physicians in US

One of the highest paying professions in the United States is that of healthcare professionals. However, for medical billing purposes, it is often important to understand the burgeoning fields/medical disciplines which are on the rise and garner the maximum revenue. … Continue reading

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ICD-10 Impact on Orthopedic Billing Services

The far reaching effects of ICD-10 will have to be understood by all in healthcare in order to deal with the impacts. The ICD-10 coding system that will kick in on October 01, 2015, is stated to be more comprehensive … Continue reading

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How to Improve Revenue for Orthopedic Billing Services

There are 28,000 Orthopedic Surgeons practicing across the US, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic  Surgeons Even though Orthopedists earn the most from patient care work ($421,000), as compared to physicians from other specialties (Medscape Physician Compensation Report 2015), yet … Continue reading

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How to Do Orthopedic Medical Coding?

Orthopedic coders need to keep up pace with the coding changes. Even a small coding error can lead to a potential fraud and result in a claim denial. There is a strong need to minimize the time being spent on … Continue reading

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