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Wound Care Reimbursement guidelines that are worth following

In today’s scenario most of the patients expect clinicians to go by evidence-based medicine for wound closure and for preventing relapse for a persistent wound that refuses to heal. Wound care billing guidelines indicate that physicians need to provide services … Continue reading

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Wound care Clinics Observe Productivity Gains via EMR Documentation

A wound care facility has two vital factors when it comes to operating on a higher business profit, which is providing the best patient care, and second is documenting each patient with appropriate medical billing and coding perquisite. Productivity can be characterized as “the … Continue reading

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Improving Wound Care Industry with 3D Printing

The technological brilliance of 3D printing offers immense scope, especially for the wound care industry. Today 3D printing finds applications in several industries across the world as in the automobile industry, the prosthetic limb industry, and now researchers are delving … Continue reading

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Woundcare Billing

While conflicting reports about wound care services and management still prevail, it is mandatory to understand that patient documentation is crucial for appropriate coding and billing for wound care services. There is a need to categorically deal with the issues … Continue reading

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Why physicians in Ohio prefer outsourcing wound care billing?

Providing clinically eminent and cost effective wound care remains a goal, as well as a challenge to many physicians across Ohio and other parts of the U.S. The health industry has struggled with quality and cost issues for years, but … Continue reading

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Do not Miss our Exciting Thanksgiving Offers!

It is the month of November and this is the Thanksgiving month. This year we have a special way to celebrate Thanksgiving. With so many offers that will be out there, here we are, much in advance with our offers, … Continue reading

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5 Ways that can Help your Wound Care Practice Earn What it Deserves

Wound care centers can exist from small free-standing clinics to large hospital based centers. However, so far, most wound care centers, have survived on their inpatient and common outpatient referral sources. But, with the introduction of new healthcare reforms of … Continue reading

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