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Collaboration between Primary Care and Chiropractic Care

Doctors of the chiropractic practice work in a diverse environment which leads them towards the diverse medical settings. The medical settings of chiropractic work with the close proximity of the medical billing service providers this has led to a diverse … Continue reading

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Simple Hacks to prevent Wound Care Denials       

Getting a denial for wound care claims is upsetting for both the doctor and staff. Often, the doctor sees this in a negative light. If the dollar amount in question is small, he or she may completely disregard it, believing … Continue reading

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How Urology Practice can be at Risk with Consistence Claim Denials?

Irregularities, errors and incorrect CPT codes are some critical reasons, that overall physician practices, including Urology face claim denials. It’s disappointing for Urologists providing care to a patient and expecting fair reimbursement, only to realize that the your facilities medical … Continue reading

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Steps to Implement a Successful HIPAA Compliance Plan

The HIPAA law to safeguard patient health data is a critical arrangement that is well-known to the people working at the physician’s office. But many still have doubts when implementing a successful HIPAA compliance plan. Healthcare service providers who are not fully informed regarding changes in the law … Continue reading

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10 Signs You Should Invest in Managing Your Accounts Receivables

In the spirit of thanksgiving, we wanted to share some of the most surprising facts about the state of accounts receivable management. Prepare yourself for some truly frightening facts that may make you think twice about your current accounts receivable management. … Continue reading

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Wound Care Reimbursement guidelines that are worth following

In today’s scenario most of the patients expect clinicians to go by evidence-based medicine for wound closure and for preventing relapse for a persistent wound that refuses to heal. Wound care billing guidelines indicate that physicians need to provide services … Continue reading

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