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10 Signs You Should Invest in Managing Your Accounts Receivables

In the spirit of thanksgiving, we wanted to share some of the most surprising facts about the state of accounts receivable management. Prepare yourself for some truly frightening facts that may make you think twice about your current accounts receivable management. … Continue reading

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Wound Care Reimbursement guidelines that are worth following

In today’s scenario most of the patients expect clinicians to go by evidence-based medicine for wound closure and for preventing relapse for a persistent wound that refuses to heal. Wound care billing guidelines indicate that physicians need to provide services … Continue reading

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7 step approach to increase your practice’s revenue

In our previous blogs, MBC has highlighted ways in which you can focus on the health of your patient and yet manage to deliver error free claims and reduce your medical billing costs just by outsourcing your billing revenue cycle. … Continue reading

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Is Your Practice Perfectly Billing the ENT Procedures?

Otolaryngology on the outset seems to be a very casual practice, wherein the medical practitioner has to only deal with certain ENT procedures. However, it is much more than ear, nose and throat. The intricacies related to accurate medical billing and coding requirement is what outpatient facilities, … Continue reading

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Let your prime focus be on Patient Care!

Somewhere along the way you decided to become a medical practitioner and use that knowledge to help and treat people. You didn’t spend all those years studying medicine to end up spending most of your time billing and coding for … Continue reading

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Pitfalls to Avoid in Urology Medical Billing

The first thing to remember in any medical practice, including urology, is that the financial backbone of your urology practice is directly correlated to stringent coding, timely billing, and account reimbursement Are you losing nearly 20 percent of your medical … Continue reading

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10 tips to improve your average days in A/R

The term ‘Accounts Receivable’, or A/R, refers to the money owed by payers, patients, or other guarantors to the practice, for services rendered and billed to them. An increase in A/R typically signifies troubles on the cash flows of the … Continue reading

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