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Challenges Push Family Practitioners to Partner with Medical Billing Specialists to Improve Revenue

Despite the delay in implementation of 26.5 percent cut in Medicare family practitioners payment, AAFP continues to call on Congress for a repeal of the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula. This is understandable because the deferment means a temporal relief … Continue reading

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Gauging the Accountable Care Readiness of Your Practice

Accountable Care Readiness or ACO is the concept of healthcare providers (medical groups, practices and hospitals) collaborating for bringing down care costs and improving healthcare quality for specific patient population. It is most certainly the rising phenomenon in the exceedingly … Continue reading

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Recognizing Value in Healthcare Reforms with the Help of a Billing Service

U.S. health care industry is characterized by multiple stakeholders – patients, care providers, and payers. The Federal Government, being the custodian of this priority sector, has had to keep each of these stakeholders in good humor. But, during the recent, … Continue reading

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Exodus to Hospital-Based Employment and its Effect on Healthcare Industry

While the recent healthcare reforms ushered in by the Federal Government promises to elevate clinical and operational efficiency across the nation’s healthcare continuum, it is also going to induce physicians into a more accountable and responsible quality clinical regime. The … Continue reading

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Balancing ACO Objective with Physician Reimbursement Maximization

As the U.S. healthcare sector looks up the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Concept of healthcare delivery with great expectation, physician community is quite apprehensive about their ability to garner reimbursements under a new healthcare delivery altogether. While ACO itself is … Continue reading

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In Retrospection: Revenue Collection Accomplishments in 2011

“While these comprehensive measures are no doubt indispensable to optimizing healthcare overheads and expenditure, physicians’ task to get their bills reimbursed could get even tougher, thereby making sustenance and growth prospects equally competitive. Although they have had, by and large, … Continue reading

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Is Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Model Viable?

“Given the situation, although Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model of medical care seems a safer option, yet the initial clinical & operational realignments and adhering to CMS compliance measures may seem a bit exhausting for physicians. But, sooner or later, … Continue reading

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