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5 Tricks in Medical Practice’s to Improve Your Accounts Receivable

Insurance companies are increasingly inventing complex and new set of rules for the medical procedure which has resulted into loads of denials and underpayment.  Doctors and pharmacist are increasingly finding it difficult under the ever-changing federal laws for practice and … Continue reading

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Understanding the ICD-10 Impact on Dental Billing Practices

If you are a dental practitioner, with the ICD 10 implementation deadline nearing, you are worried not just about successfully transitioning to ICD 10 CM. But also whether you fully understand ICD 10, for example, do you understand its coding … Continue reading

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Orthopaedists Hiring a Medical Billing Service to Sail through Rising Expenses

Rising expenses amidst reimbursement cuts is one of the biggest challenges faced by orthopaedists in today’s time. It has not only affected the financial health of practices but it might also lead to restricted care for some patients in future. … Continue reading

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Is the Lack of AR Management Solutions Eating Up Your Practice Revenue?

Accounts receivable is money owed to you by your patients which makes AR management extremely important for running a successful medical practice. If you are not managing accounts receivable in the right manner, the financial health of your practice will … Continue reading

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Are you making Medical Billing Mistakes which Increase your AR days?

Is your AR exceeding 1.5 times your monthly charges? If yes, your practice needs to make significant changes to get account receivables back on track. Browse All: Medical Billing Services Practices first need to check their 0 to 30 days … Continue reading

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Keeping your Clinical Focus Intact with Analysis-Backed AR Management Solutions

Every year physicians in the U.S. lose thousands of dollars in the form bad debts. These so called bad debts are Account Receivables that have surpassed the admissible time limit or deemed impossible to be followed up. Once Account Receivables … Continue reading

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How aging reports aid in realizing Account Receivables

Notwithstanding the importance of flawless coding in maximizing healthcare insurance reimbursements from insurance carriers, it is the Account Receivable Management (A/R Management) that proves decisive in either making or breaking your chances of mitigating denial or delay of your medical … Continue reading

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