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7 Questions to Ask Before You Step Towards Outsourcing Your Cardiology Billing

To attain cent percent perfection at cardiology billing is a far-fetched dream for most specialty clinics because of the extensive experience and knowledge it requires.  ICD-10 comes with added complexities which raise the stakes for achieving accuracy. Add to its … Continue reading

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Streamline Cardiology Medical Billing for Improved Profitability and MU incentives

US will continue to be the largest market for health IT, due to incentives being given by the government for health IT purchases. According to a report from Global Industry Analysts, the global market for health IT products is forecasted … Continue reading

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How can Streamlined Cardiology Billing Change your Decision to Sell your Private Practice?

Uncertainty over healthcare reforms, rising costs and failing payer reimbursement are some of the factors due to which cardiologists are selling their private practice to hospitals. According to the US Physician and Payer Forum report of 2013, approximately 18% of … Continue reading

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Outsource Cardiology Billing to sail Through Reimbursement Cuts and Rising Expenses

Significant cuts in reimbursement and rising costs of healthcare provision have posed grave challenges for cardiology practices across the US. Two proposed rules addressing Medicare payment and quality provisions for physicians and hospital outpatient services in 2014 released by CMS … Continue reading

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Meeting HIPAA Requirements with a Specialized Cardiology Billing Specialist

Cases of HIPAA violation are rising and even if you are a small practice, you can get on the government’s radar if you fail to protect healthcare-related data. Patient-related information is traded by cardiologists for various purposes, including medical coding … Continue reading

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How to Overcome the Effects of CMS 2013 Fee Schedule on Cardiology Billing

CMS 2013 fee schedule brought good news for family physicians and primary care providers but it has proved to be a mixed bag for cardiologists with 2 to 6% cut in Medicare fees. At a time when cardiology practices are … Continue reading

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Understanding the Complexity of Cardiology Billing

Billing and coding have become two very necessary processes for the revenue generation of physicians in America. Physicians and medical practices, thanks to the incredible amount of work pressure, have no time to undertake the billing and coding processes on … Continue reading

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