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5 Tech Trends for Successful Cardiology Practice

Payment cuts, ICD-10 preparation, rising healthcare costs and increasing administrative challenges are some of the industry pressures that have caused hindrance to the success of all medical specialties in the US, including cardiology. Mentioned below are the top five technology … Continue reading

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Overcoming Cardiology Medical Billing Concerns in 2013 with Complete Revenue Cycle Management

As a specialized healthcare field, Cardiology has cherished generous government support for testing services and unhindered reimbursements. However, with new developments in Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and lower reimbursements given recent healthcare reforms, Cardiology billing is expected … Continue reading

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How will the Affordable Care Act Impact Cardiology Practitioners and Their RCM?

Healthcare industry has been undergoing steady reforms over the past couple of years and the changes are expected to continue. The objective of this ongoing transformation is to achieve improved healthcare services with increased focus on quality care. In such … Continue reading

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Cardiology Practices Cope with the Challenges Emerging from Changes in Medical Record Auditing

Medical record auditing is undergoing changes and this has made even the most prepared physicians nervous. Quality of care and services offered by a medical practice is determined by the thoroughness of clinical documentation and medical records maintained by the … Continue reading

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Cardiologists Handle New Regulations and Coding Changes in 2013 with Efficient Medical Billing

Cardiologists are likely to face an entirely new scenario with respect to regulations and coding in the upcoming future. With healthcare industry implementing constant reforms and the government as well as private insurers subscribing to increasingly efficient methods of medical … Continue reading

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