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Understanding ICD 10 Impact on Chiropractic Practices

Many allege that ICD9 codes lack the ability to precisely describe low-intensity conditions particularly pertaining to physical therapy, home care etc. On the other hand, ICD 10 is widely believed to be more accurate and inclusive and thus is expected … Continue reading

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Improving Profitability of your Chiropractic Billing with Revenue Management

Revenue management or revenue cycle management is increasingly becoming one of the most vital functions in healthcare industry. For any care provider to stay financially viable, proper planning and management of revenue sources is absolutely essential. In an alternative medicine … Continue reading

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Chiropractic revenue model facing billing changes in 2013

Chiropractic as an alternate field of medicine has always suffered the problems of effective billing and revenue management due to lack of priority given to it as a non primary care practice. However, with recent healthcare reforms bringing change in … Continue reading

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Is Your Chiropractic Billing Vulnerable to ICD-10?

Pressure of ICD-10 implementation has eased with the deadline extension; however, anxiety of its impact continues to prevail among chiropractic practices. ICD-10 will affect coders as well as the entire operation, pushing practices to prepare for any loss in revenue. … Continue reading

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Benefits of Accurate Documentation in Chiropractic Billing

When compared to traditional healthcare providers, chiropractors face more issues in terms of amount and type of documentation. While an average busy chiropractor continues to deal with constraints of managed care, uneven patient retention rates and increasing regulatory demands, documentation … Continue reading

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Overcoming Chiropractic Billing Challenges with A Billing Specialist

There’s a joke “The best day in chiropractors life is the day when she gets a computer, and the next best day is when she gets rid of it”. This joke surely gives a glimpse of the increased administrative work … Continue reading

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