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Streamlined Dental Billing Can Enhance Revenue Collection for Your Practice by 20%

Dental practices need to streamline their billing tasks in order to enhance revenue collection. Accuracy needs to be exercised in coding, billing, timely claim submission and follow-ups to get paid for the services offered. Challenges faced by dental practitioners: With … Continue reading

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Is Your Dental Practice Billing 100% error free?

A large number of healthcare providers are not worried about their practice’s billing procedures as long as the revenue is coming. Some choose to ignore whereas some lack the time to concentrate on the insurance billing processes. If you are … Continue reading

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Have you Chosen the Right Software for Your Dental Billing?

Dental billing software can be a huge investment for dental practitioners. Even though it is a onetime investment, it is essential to make the right choice in buying effective, fast and affordable software. Research is extremely important when buying dental … Continue reading

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Adopting Dental Cross Medical Coding for Maximum Reimbursement of Bills

Dental codes are distinctly different from other medical codes and dentists are more than comfortable filing their reimbursement claims with carriers in the traditional way by utilizing those codes alone. However, there are certain dental procedures which can be cross … Continue reading

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