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The future of Medical Coding – What’s in store for Medical Practitioners?

Working in the healthcare industry is an essential component and likely to be in vogue, in the present day’s business scenario. A large portion of us know who is our physician, medical attendant or even the technician working in the … Continue reading

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How Streamlined Medical Billing Protocols Can Help Fight Challenges for Hospitals in 2014?

Not just small practices but hospitals in the US are also facing the pressure caused by healthcare reforms. Many hospitals are closing down, merging with bigger hospitals or experiencing major financial problems. It is being expected that 2014 will also … Continue reading

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Don’t Give up on Running your Medical Practice, Just Bring a Billing Specialist to Streamline Finance

Physician earnings have remained almost stagnant in last few years even though the government has been offering bonuses for EHR implementation and primary care. Pressure of operating an independent practice has become so intense that many are giving up their … Continue reading

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How can Billing Specialists Help Small, Rural Hospitals in Health IT Adoption

Hospitals in rural areas lag behind in health IT adoption due to which they face difficulties in care co-ordination. It not only impacts patient outcome in such areas but also affects the way these hospitals collect, share, use and manage … Continue reading

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Will Medicaid and Medicare Reforms See Rise in Healthcare Standards by 2015?

With more than 90 million Americans covered under Medicare and Medicaid insurance services, the U.S. healthcare system is heavily dependent on the success of healthcare reforms to improve care standards. All healthcare reforms are currently focusing on two parameters of … Continue reading

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Medical Billing Made Effective with EHR

Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a group of applications designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of medical record keeping. With increasing complexity in coding and billing process as well as introduction of ICD-10 codes … Continue reading

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Focusing On Patient Care amidst New Technology Changes While Medical Billing

Over the last few years, medical billing has undergone a lot of changes, with emphasis on the IT systems, for the smooth & efficient processing of insurance claims and timely payments to doctors & other healthcare professionals (HP). In 2009, … Continue reading

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