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Issues of Ohio Healthcare Amendment

The Ohio healthcare amendment was created to give authority to the Ohio Health Care Uniform Pricing Board to administer the following: A system of fair and consistent pricing for the medical services provided Monitor if the health insurance companies spend … Continue reading

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How can Streamlined Medical Billing Help You Deal with Annual Medicare Cuts?

As a result of Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR), physicians face Medicare payment cuts annually. Even though the Congress often steps in to stop the reductions, it has been reported that Medicare reimbursement for physicians will be slashed by 24.4% … Continue reading

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Overcoming Recent Billing Challenges with Efficient Medical Billing Services

Overhaul of codes, forms, rates and standards: the current year is going to be very eventful for care providers from a billing and coding standpoint. But whether you will emerge through these challenges 11 months later with your revenues stronger … Continue reading

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Streamlined Dental Billing Can Enhance Revenue Collection for Your Practice by 20%

Dental practices need to streamline their billing tasks in order to enhance revenue collection. Accuracy needs to be exercised in coding, billing, timely claim submission and follow-ups to get paid for the services offered. Challenges faced by dental practitioners: With … Continue reading

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Acquire Accurate Coding in Uncertain Times with a Medical Billing Specialist

Healthcare reforms have not changed the goals and responsibilities for physicians but it has certainly increased medical billing and coding complexities. Significant changes like HIPAA, EMR and ICD-10 have imposed additional responsibilities on small as well as large practices, which … Continue reading

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Maintaining Profitability At Your Practice Amid Healthcare Reforms!

The US health care system has undergone major reforms in the last few years. This includes adoption of new healthcare IT reforms such as EHR (Electronic Health Records) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records). It has also changed the way physicians … Continue reading

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Physicians Get Tech Savvy to Deal with Increased Billing Documentation

Documentation takes up approximately one-third of a physician’s workday. With the implementation of healthcare reforms, HIPAA requirements and preparation for ICD-10, physicians are buried into piles of charts and billing forms, ending up with limited time for patient care. The … Continue reading

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