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Increasing Revenue through HIPAA Compliant Practices

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which was first enacted in 1996 to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery, has come to be recognized as the standard for  electronic data interchange (EDI), security, and confidentiality of all healthcare-related data.  … Continue reading

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Healthcare Systems Adopt Trend of Outsourcing in the New Era of Value-Based Care

In the time when both, federal and provincial healthcare quality initiatives have come up with healthcare reforms, thus making EHR mandatory in order to avail the incentives under ARRA, the compliance with Medicare Medical Billing norms, demand of documentation under … Continue reading

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Medical Billing Consultancy Role in Practices Planning for ICD-10 Conversion

The extent and scope of ICD-10’s clinical and operational impact is such that it is going to influence how functional departments coordinate and operate internally among themselves as well as with external entities such as payers and regulatory bodies. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Increase revenue by improving billing functions

The excessive administrative work healthcare organizations are having to deal with due to reforms in the US healthcare has begun to take its toll on the revenue of healthcare organizations across all the states of the US due to several … Continue reading

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Gauging your Medical Billing Company on ICD-10 compliant resource-capability

“As much as the intrinsic competencies of your medical billing companies, their ability to advise on EHR/EMR implementation for efficient clinical and operational management  should equally hold prominence. As HIPAA 5010 compliant EHR/EMR is the prerequisite to medical billing under … Continue reading

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Are Physician Practices in For a Spell of Revenue Loss During ICD-10 Transition?

“And when clinical and operational efficiency suffers on account of whatsoever reason, it gets reflected in terms of dwindling revenues. As if this cause and relationship is not enough, physician practices will have to contend with direct expenditure associated with … Continue reading

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The Role of Medical Billing Companies amidst Healthcare Reforms

Medical billing is one of the most important factors in a physician’s practice and can be the reason for the financial affluence of the practice. Medical billing services are not just limited to billing and submission of claims for payment … Continue reading

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