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Does Expanding Outpatient Physicians Really Help Stabilize Your Hospital Revenues?

Hospitals that hitherto have been troubled with in-patient operational losses may just have found a solution in outpatient mode. Contrary to stagnant inpatient volumes and revenues, outpatient volumes seem to have picked up in recent years. As a result operational … Continue reading

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Improved Hospital Billing and Operational Benefits with EHR Adoption

The past decade has seen every major industry being computerized, including the medical industry and hospitals – which have moved on from hand written prescriptions to Electronic health record (EHR). According to various studies EHR implementation provides several benefits including … Continue reading

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The Impact of Hospital Billing Processes on Patients’ Longer-Term Satisfaction

The sway that business offices can have on reference patterns amongst consumers is a tactical opportunity as the insurance market moves to high deductible plans and hospitals take in new physicians into their business. According to a survey conducted by … Continue reading

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US Healthcare Adapting to Reforms: Hospitals to Ease Physician Shortages

The health reforms have affected every aspect of the health care delivery system in the United States and smaller and solo practices in the country are finding it difficult to cope with the changes on almost every level of health … Continue reading

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EHR Adoption gains popularity with Oregon, Georgia, Washington and Virginia leading the trend

The EHR adoption rates in the United States are definitely increasing and this fact is corroborated by a report released by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) which states that – “American Hospital Association’s Survey of IT adoption, … Continue reading

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Physician Employment Rises in Hospitals

Despite a shortage of doctors projected to be at nearly 30,000 in the next few years, one area which is seeing an influx of new doctors is hospitals, which will eventually result in an increase in hospitalists. U.S. Bureau of … Continue reading

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Hospital billing and the ghost of imminent Medicare-cut impact

As Hospitals, which hitherto could evade the backlash of the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) fix, face at an imminent 27.4% reduction to their Medicare fees starting this January unless the Federal Government decides otherwise. Although slightly lower than the initially … Continue reading

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