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How will ICD-10 Impact Optometry Billing Services

Everyone seems to be waiting with bated breath for October 1, when finally the ICD-10 will be implemented. With over 68,000 codes, all the specialties will have their financial, clinical and functioning productivity affected. Optometry too will face revenue loss … Continue reading

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5 Tips about Family Practice to Improve Revenue Instantly

Family physicians are constantly under stress given the multiple demands they need to cater to. Today’s competition and market pressure on medical practices make efficiency that much more important for doctors to sustain and stay abreast with their contemporaries. Improving … Continue reading

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Bursting ICD 10 Myths that Worry Care Providers the Most

Myths about ICD 10 have led care providers to believe it is difficult to implement the same. A close look at the misbeliefs will explain that they are either partly true or nearly as difficult to handle as is widely … Continue reading

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How Can Outsourcing Solve Medical Billing and Reimbursement Challenges for Physicians in 2014?

Considering the rollout of healthcare reforms and deadline for ICD-10 transition, 2014 will prove to be a challenging year for physicians. Medical billing and reimbursement changes in 2014: 20.1% drop in Medicare reimbursement has been announced by CMS for professional … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Orthopaedic Billing Challenges Increase Financial Pressures for your Practice

The process of coding and billing can be quite complex for orthopaedic practices. Codes and specific modifiers required for obtaining maximum revenue are always changing and this has resulted in a unique set of billing challenges for this specialty. To … Continue reading

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Outsource Cardiology Billing to sail Through Reimbursement Cuts and Rising Expenses

Significant cuts in reimbursement and rising costs of healthcare provision have posed grave challenges for cardiology practices across the US. Two proposed rules addressing Medicare payment and quality provisions for physicians and hospital outpatient services in 2014 released by CMS … Continue reading

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Sail Through Family Practice Billing with an Experienced Billing Team

Family practices across the US have been facing difficulties in revenue collection due to challenges related to medical billing and coding. Modifier omission, untimely claim submission, underscoring and inaccurate documentation may seem like minor errors; but they eventually have a … Continue reading

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