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Why Small Practice’s billing is More Vulnerable to ICD-10?

Small medical practices will be facing tremendous pressure once ICD-10 is implemented. Due to lack of sufficient budget and skilled billers and coders, diffusing the burden of a new coding system will certainly make things difficult for them. Why small … Continue reading

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Physicians Balance Healthcare Reform Demands with Work Demands through Effective Medical Billing

Due to the new reforms brought on by the Obama administration, healthcare centres across US are soon likely to receive increased number of patients, handle increased number of administrative activities and hence require to spend increased amount of time on … Continue reading

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Challenges Push Family Practitioners to Partner with Medical Billing Specialists to Improve Revenue

Despite the delay in implementation of 26.5 percent cut in Medicare family practitioners payment, AAFP continues to call on Congress for a repeal of the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula. This is understandable because the deferment means a temporal relief … Continue reading

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The Significance of HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Services for Gastroenterologists

Gastroenterologists trade patient-centric information for a variety of purposes, and Medical Billing is one of them. While physicians clinical notes on gastroenterology procedures are made use of by coding and billing staff, there may be possibility, intentionally or accidentally, that … Continue reading

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Ascertaining Cardiologists’ Medical Billing Needs Even as They Migrate From Private Practices to Hospitals

Till recently, cardiologists who were happy with their private practices have suddenly started exploring avenues to align themselves with hospitals. The change has been so dramatic that already around 15 percent of cardiologists across the U.S. have left their private … Continue reading

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Medical Practices Anxious About the Impact of ICD-10 Transition

While the recent one year extension (from October 1, 2013 to October 1, 2014) in deadline by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) may somewhat have eased the pressure, yet the anxiety still persists among the majority … Continue reading

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The Role of Medical Billing Companies amidst Healthcare Reforms

Medical billing is one of the most important factors in a physician’s practice and can be the reason for the financial affluence of the practice. Medical billing services are not just limited to billing and submission of claims for payment … Continue reading

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