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Will Dental Billing Practices Be Impacted by ICD 10?

With the advent of electronic billing and coding practices, modern healthcare has benefited tremendously over the past decade. Physicians no longer have to stay on a lookout for coding changes to keep their practices away from mis-coding and claim denials. … Continue reading

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Establishing best in Industry Medical Billing and Coding Procedures for your Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractic billing and coding has undergone significant overhauling in the previous years given changes in insurance practices, automation of data recording and compliance regulations. However, chiropractors across the nation continue to lose money in claim denials, bad debts and audit … Continue reading

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Eliminating audit Risk in Your Gastroenterology Billing Practices

Medical audit is without doubt the most difficult time that any medical practice may have to survive. It involves scrutiny of medical records, critical analysis of billing and collection processes and worst of all, unearthing old claim settlements and payment … Continue reading

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Solve ICD-10 coding Problems with a Multi- Specialty Coding Expert

ICD-10 is all set to increase pressure on medical practices that are already dealing with challenges related to EHR, HIPAA, meaningful use and interoperability. Even though ICD-10 will pave the way for accuracy in new procedure payments, improved patient care … Continue reading

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How to Develop Medical and Billing Practices to Avoid an Audit?

Medical billing services is a nuance that has to be handled carefully to ensure financial viability and sustained profitability of your medical practice. However, most medical practitioners lack the talent and knack for ensuring administrative checks that can develop an … Continue reading

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Prepare Your Practice for ICD-10 Coding Challenges and Documentation

ICD-10 will be reshaping the coding and documentation procedure to a great extent and failing to prepare for the same will result in lost revenue. Poor quality documentation and coding will not just affect providers but it will also have … Continue reading

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How Specialized Billing Service can help you in Transition to ICD-10

Transition to ICD-10 will be a lengthy and complex task for providers who are not prepared to meet the challenges. Switching to a new coding system will not only affect different departments within a practice but investment of time and … Continue reading

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