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Things You Don’t Know About Orthopedic Billing. Ask The Experts !

No matter what the nature of your specialization is, medical billing for Orthopedics is an uphill task. Most generally, orthopedic practices thrive on efficient billing practices that help in streamlining revenue cycle management by cutting out delays and minimizing stress … Continue reading

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Benefits of Transition to ICD-10 Medical Coding

ICD-10 coding system has been developed by the World Health Organization to help providers improve the quality of care. Compliance to the new system will also help them reduce the cost of care, enhance administrative performance and get accurate payment … Continue reading

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What Percentage of Healthcare Industry is Affected Due to ICD 10 Delay?

With the extended deadline of ICD-10, medical practices now have time till October 1, 2015 to train and test their capabilities with the new coding system. This delay has given another year to the providers to gear up for the … Continue reading

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Hire a Billing Service to sail through Chiropractic Billing issues in 2014

Chiropractic practices might face various billing challenges in 2014 if they are not well-prepared. There are few common medical billing errors that lead to revenue loss and increased audit risk: Wrong allocation of ICD-9 codes for rendered services Provision of … Continue reading

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Solve ICD-10 coding Problems with a Multi- Specialty Coding Expert

ICD-10 is all set to increase pressure on medical practices that are already dealing with challenges related to EHR, HIPAA, meaningful use and interoperability. Even though ICD-10 will pave the way for accuracy in new procedure payments, improved patient care … Continue reading

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Prepare Your Practice for ICD-10 Coding Challenges and Documentation

ICD-10 will be reshaping the coding and documentation procedure to a great extent and failing to prepare for the same will result in lost revenue. Poor quality documentation and coding will not just affect providers but it will also have … Continue reading

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