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Solve ICD-10 coding Problems with a Multi- Specialty Coding Expert

ICD-10 is all set to increase pressure on medical practices that are already dealing with challenges related to EHR, HIPAA, meaningful use and interoperability. Even though ICD-10 will pave the way for accuracy in new procedure payments, improved patient care … Continue reading

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Prepare Your Practice for ICD-10 Coding Challenges and Documentation

ICD-10 will be reshaping the coding and documentation procedure to a great extent and failing to prepare for the same will result in lost revenue. Poor quality documentation and coding will not just affect providers but it will also have … Continue reading

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Surviving Technical Challenges of ICD-10 with a Medical Billing Partner

ICD-10 implementation will be having an impact on the IT infrastructure of medical practices. Physicians will have to assess whether or not the new, ICD-10 ready EHR and practice management software versions will run on their existing hardware. For instance, … Continue reading

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How Specialized Billing Service can help you in Transition to ICD-10

Transition to ICD-10 will be a lengthy and complex task for providers who are not prepared to meet the challenges. Switching to a new coding system will not only affect different departments within a practice but investment of time and … Continue reading

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Medical Billing Made Effective with EHR

Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a group of applications designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of medical record keeping. With increasing complexity in coding and billing process as well as introduction of ICD-10 codes … Continue reading

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Simplify Your ICD-10 Optometric Billing with A Billing Specialist

With the introduction of HIPAA 5010 federal mandate and inclusion of ICD-10 standard for electronic billing processing, there is an immediate requirement for skilled manpower to process your Optometric medical billing claims. If accurate billing is not done as per … Continue reading

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Overcoming Chiropractic Billing Challenges with A Billing Specialist

There’s a joke “The best day in chiropractors life is the day when she gets a computer, and the next best day is when she gets rid of it”. This joke surely gives a glimpse of the increased administrative work … Continue reading

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