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Regaining Control Over your Oncology Billing this season

Understanding that legitimate and productive oncology billing, coding, and collections are indispensable to run an effective oncology practice, Medical Billers and Coders have a robust system in place that helps doctors/physicians to regain control over their practice. As an Oncology practitioner financial … Continue reading

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A normal day in the life of a Medical Biller

Are you aspiring to be a medical biller some day? Medical billing is certainly an interesting job, but coding way back in 1996 was much simpler than what it is now. Every year the billing industry undergoes numerous changes and … Continue reading

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Ask the Right Questions before Outsourcing Your Optometry Billing

Once the optometry practice is set, the next mandatory requirement is the establishment of the optometry billing and coding process for reimbursement from insurance. This process is not only essential, but complex and time-consuming, along with the need for perfection. … Continue reading

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Strategies to save money on Podiatry medical billing

As the case is with numerous medical practices, Podiatry practitioners are also reeling under the increased pressure to enhance their revenue cycle, while diminishing their overhead. One of the best time sinks in a podiatry practice is error free billing and coding. And going by the … Continue reading

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5 Common Medical Billing Errors

Billing errors lead to denied or delayed payments. If the mistakes are not caught ahead of time, it can lead to costly fines and loss of revenue for medical practices. Mistakes in medical billing have become a common occurrence due … Continue reading

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Get Rid of Common Medical Billing Errors to Avoid Audits

Every business wants to reduce the number of problems they are likely to face in an audit. As they say, prevention is better than cure; audit errors are blunders that are hard to get rid of. Nevertheless, they aren’t irreparable! … Continue reading

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