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What type of Reports does your Medical Billing Company provide you to be aware of the revenue status?

It is essential for physician facilities to track monetary performance metrics, as every dollar that falls through the cracks can create an adverse and irredeemable impact on the practice. So, the moot question that arises here is, have you set … Continue reading

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Overcoming Cardiology Medical Billing Concerns in 2013 with Complete Revenue Cycle Management

As a specialized healthcare field, Cardiology has cherished generous government support for testing services and unhindered reimbursements. However, with new developments in Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and lower reimbursements given recent healthcare reforms, Cardiology billing is expected … Continue reading

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Billing “Urgent Care” As It Emerges As One of the Fastest Growing Specialties

Urgent care is fast developing as a viable alternative to what has traditionally been known as “family practice”. The main reason behind this new-found fancy is that physicians can now operate from designated facilities without having to trek around offices, … Continue reading

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Flexible Work Hours, Employment Options and Career Growth for Medical Billers and Coders

Various options in Medical billing and coding jobs provide ideal opportunities to billers and coders to choose from an array of different types of work environments giving them several opportunities along with flexibility in the rapidly growing health care field. … Continue reading

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Physician Bundle Payment Plans: Improving Claims Generation

Healthcare is costly in general and what makes it more prone to increase in costs is that it comes in phases: pre-hospitalization, hospitalization and post-hospitalization. To address the situation and provide patients with an all-encompassing payment package, many payment modules … Continue reading

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Unbalanced Equilibrium: US States Facing Shortage of Medical Coders in Spite of High Supply

As if hospital shortages of nurses and pharmacists were not enough, the shortage of medical coders has risen to high levels in some areas in the US and physicians need to act fast least they lose millions of dollars in … Continue reading

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Billers and Coders to Gear up for ICD- 10 – Despite Physician Community Pushing the Deadline

ICD-10’s implementation on October 1, 2013, according to AAPC – will alter everything from the way health care providers document services to the way codes are selected, reported, and reimbursed, however it will be coders who will play a vital … Continue reading

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