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Lessons to learn about medical billing from 2016 to improve on in 2017

To err is human; but in the healthcare industry, it can cost a patient all his savings, or can drastically reduce the revenues of a physician. Hence, in all possibilities, the medical billing and coding team must avoid slip-ups or … Continue reading

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7 Checklists before you Outsource your Podiatry billing services

  It is a known fact that a healthcare facility’s billing department can create or ruin revenues. Hence, as goes for other practices, podiatry billing too needs to be precisely billed and compensated for all its efforts. Sometimes, the billing … Continue reading

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There are no “IF’s” & “Buts” in Medical Billing

Medical billing is not a child’s play- rarely is there a straight forward billing. The reason being is because each hospital and provider works differently, and patients also deal with multiple healthcare providers – for equipment they deal with different … Continue reading

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Reduce no shows in your Family practice and increase revenue

Physicians consider it unprofessional when their patients do not show up at the appointed time. No-shows tell upon the revenue, wasting not just the physician’s time but also that of the supporting staff. In order to overcome this issue physicians … Continue reading

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Facts about Optometry Billing,Collections and RCM

The demand for vision care is increasing, and indeed exceeding the current resources available in the US. As there are more than 7,000 optometrists in communities throughout US which leads to a better geographical distribution, they are more reachable than … Continue reading

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Do not Struggle with Optometry Billing Anymore!

Optometry billing has been subjected to a number of challenges that keep Optometrists from gaining profits. Declining reimbursements and increasing regulations are placing added pressure on physicians, driving them away from patient care. Is your Optometry billing wearing you out? … Continue reading

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Successful Ambulatory Surgical Centers!

Successful Ambulatory Surgical Centers! Ambulatory Services Centers (ASCs) otherwise also known as outpatient surgery centers are becoming popular with their usage being very high and well aligned with a trend that is more patient-driven than ever before. Patients are clamoring … Continue reading

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