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Coding Rules for Modifiers 32 and 33 with CPT Codes in Medical Billing and Coding

There are a couple of modifiers in medical coding that are very rarely used. Two such modifiers are 32 and 33. These modifiers can only be used when there is appropriate documentation supporting the case. Here are some pointers on … Continue reading

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How do medical billing companies help medical practices to update contracts in credentialing?

Credentialing is the process that comes before your first medical claim is submitted. Not able to cope the contracts in credentialing surely brings financial loss. For the majority of the medical practitioners, credentialing is a complex process that involves completing … Continue reading

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How can Good Customer Service change the Face of Your Practice?

In the overall business world there is a very popular phrase which goes like “it costs five times more to attract new consumers than to retain the old ones.” This very phrase stands applicable in the physician business as well, where good … Continue reading

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Steps to Implement a Successful HIPAA Compliance Plan

The HIPAA law to safeguard patient health data is a critical arrangement that is well-known to the people working at the physician’s office. But many still have doubts when implementing a successful HIPAA compliance plan. Healthcare service providers who are not fully informed regarding changes in the law … Continue reading

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Podiatry : A Happy Feeting Trend

Here is an Info graph on some interesting facts about Podiatry… Do check the Info graph & share your comments with us…

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Do you know how important is HIPAA Training for your Practice?

HIPAA has a broad set of training requirements and they are frequently a source of many inquiries as well as disarray. So, the root question that arises here is whom does it apply? What topics must be covered as a part of training? Do the medical … Continue reading

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