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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Medical Billing Service Provider

As a medical practitioner your top priority is to provide your patients with quality care service. At the same time you understand that it is not practical to neglect the financial aspect of your business. After all, proper management of … Continue reading

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What Happens to Health Reforms under Donald Trump’s Presidency?

You may like it or not, but Donald Trump has become the 45th President of the United States after a heated election battle with Democrat Hilary Clinton. With promises of ‘Make America Great Again’, the Trump administration is all set to … Continue reading

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Why We Love Medical Coder (And You Should, Too!)

With the increasing number of healthcare service providers all over the world, the demand for medical coding professionals is also increasing. Recent news also mentioned that this profession will be in great demand within the next 5 years. But, due … Continue reading

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A normal day in the life of a Medical Biller

Are you aspiring to be a medical biller some day? Medical billing is certainly an interesting job, but coding way back in 1996 was much simpler than what it is now. Every year the billing industry undergoes numerous changes and … Continue reading

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Wound care Clinics Observe Productivity Gains via EMR Documentation

A wound care facility has two vital factors when it comes to operating on a higher business profit, which is providing the best patient care, and second is documenting each patient with appropriate medical billing and coding perquisite. Productivity can be characterized as “the … Continue reading

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ObGyn Billing Services in Texas: In-house or Outsourcing?

The debate on whether to choose in-house billing or outsourcing ObGyn RCM depends on a multitude of factors such as practice, time the business has been around, market size, and finances. As ObGyn billing and coding is the most crucial … Continue reading

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7 step approach to increase your practice’s revenue

In our previous blogs, MBC has highlighted ways in which you can focus on the health of your patient and yet manage to deliver error free claims and reduce your medical billing costs just by outsourcing your billing revenue cycle. … Continue reading

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