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How do medical billing companies help medical practices to update contracts in credentialing?

Credentialing is the process that comes before your first medical claim is submitted. Not able to cope the contracts in credentialing surely brings financial loss. For the majority of the medical practitioners, credentialing is a complex process that involves completing … Continue reading

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Will Medical Billing Reports And Dashboards Make Medical Practices Profitable?

With never ending pressure to have a profitable medical practice, one requires to have everything streamlined right from patient medical care to reimbursements. Enhanced medical billing reporting plays a vital role in offering financial stability to a physician. Unlike in-house … Continue reading

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What Are The Things That Will Impact On Medical Billing Companies Over The Next Year?

Medical billing has always remained an important element of health care industry in US. This year there were major changes witnessed in Medicare and Medicaid services in USA. The “bill” that President Obama signed this year was to fix the … Continue reading

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Key strategies to improve your Optometry Revenue

According to a report, 65% of the American population needs vision treatment in some way or the other. This demand grows by the day from existing patients, the elderly and those at risk of eye ailments. If the demand increases, … Continue reading

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Does HIPAA Cover All the Personal Health Data?

Patients leave a lot of personal data in the world wide open network while using Internet search engines, electronic mediums of transactions like credit cards, cell phones, websites and home healthcare medical devices that are prone to virus attacks, etc. … Continue reading

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5 Factors to Evaluate Performance of your Medical Billing Company

One cannot overlook the benefits of hiring an efficient billing company in times when healthcare reforms are forcing quite many practices to close down. If providers are well informed & careful in choosing the right company they not only can … Continue reading

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How can Coders Prepare themselves for Challenges Post ICD-10?

Hospitals and healthcare providers are facing increased changes in coding regulations. They are looking for well-trained coding and billing staff to maximize revenue and ensure readiness for ICD-10. This has broadened the job scope for coders and billers. However, in … Continue reading

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