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Opening a New Clinic is Like Giving Birth to a New Life

Anything fresh and new is always exciting. To see one’s long cherished dream being actualized can be an out of body experience for many. All those sleepless nights, dreams, constant flow of thoughts, aspirations and asking a million questions before … Continue reading

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How to Catch Common Medical Billing Errors?

Miscommunication between the healthcare providers and coding professionals is one of the major reasons behind improper medical billing. The billing system in US has turned complex due to its Affordable Care Act (ACA). With more Americans heading towards insurance coverage … Continue reading

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Is Your Billing Partner Capable of Handling HIPAA 5010 Changes?

Technology updates are expensive to implement and maintain and since you have a busy practice to run, outsourcing coding and billing requirements makes a lot of sense. It also relieves you from the burden of HIPAA compliance when handling claim … Continue reading

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Has Implementing EHR Benefitted Medical Billing Processes?

Implementation of EHR system has helped practices overcome the challenges of paper-based systems that are risky and time-consuming. EHR is not only playing a vital role in provision of quality medical care but also in the management of daily operations. … Continue reading

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Rural Hospitals Surviving Healthcare Reforms with a Billing Specialist

In many ways, healthcare reforms have opened doors of opportunities for rural hospitals but the changes in healthcare system have also imposed certain challenges. Rural hospitals are not just facing pressure due to rise in cost of care but reduction … Continue reading

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Utilizing the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Accurately to Increase Revenue

The Physician Fee Schedule contains valuable information regarding reimbursement and coding for Medicare patients. The Schedule was implemented in January 1992 before which service charges revolved around reasonable and prevailing charges. After the implementation of the schedule, the basis of … Continue reading

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Healthcare Growth Triggers Increased Demand For Billing Specialists!

Healthcare is an evidently developing industry, compared to many other significant industries. As the requirement to meet the needs of the patients, aging population care, and medication safety is increasing, so is the relative importance of health care. The healthcare … Continue reading

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