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Healthcare CFO’s Pressure Points – Discussed and Revealed

The healthcare industry, as any other sphere of business, is also fraught with new challenges that come to the fore each day. This brings about tremendous pressure for the health care personnel involved and a CFO also goes under the … Continue reading

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Neurology Billing Tips for Claim Settlement Delays

Neurology practices, just like any other specialty need a sound coding and billing procedure to ensure timely claims settlement. It is also vital for generating steady revenue for neurologists. Neurology practices can ensure claims settlement in the right manner only … Continue reading

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Reduce Coding Errors with Accuracy in Radiology Billing and Documentation

ICD-10 deadline may have shifted to 2015 but in order to ensure error-free coding and timely reimbursements, radiologists have to enhance the documentation. Apart from being robust, documentation must also contain sufficient information for assigning accurate and detailed ICD-10 codes. … Continue reading

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Affordable Care Act Changes to Affect Optometry Billing in 2014

As several key sections ofthe Affordable Care Act (ACA) are set to take effect this year optometry practices need to gear up to sail through the billing challenges. The primary focus of the ACA is to increase the number of … Continue reading

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Streamline Cardiology Medical Billing for Improved Profitability and MU incentives

US will continue to be the largest market for health IT, due to incentives being given by the government for health IT purchases. According to a report from Global Industry Analysts, the global market for health IT products is forecasted … Continue reading

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Is your Dental Practice Facing a huge outstanding AR?

According to a survey, dentists perceive past due accounts as the biggest threat to their revenue cycle. Past due debt should not be an accepted way of doing business. If you have slow or lazy payers, you need to take … Continue reading

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Hire a Billing Service to Overcome Challenges Faced by Chiropractic Practices

Compared to other medical specialities, chiropractors face a lot of pressure and responsibilities of running a business. This leaves them with little time for patient care which is extremely important to receive a constant flow of patients. Coding recommendations and … Continue reading

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