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How Can Outsourcing Solve Medical Billing and Reimbursement Challenges for Physicians in 2014?

Considering the rollout of healthcare reforms and deadline for ICD-10 transition, 2014 will prove to be a challenging year for physicians. Medical billing and reimbursement changes in 2014: 20.1% drop in Medicare reimbursement has been announced by CMS for professional … Continue reading

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How Can Streamlined Billing Reduce Underpayment for OB GYN Practice?

OB GYN practices are comprised of gynecologists and obstetricians and this creates room for unusual billing errors. In comparison to typical medical billing, underpayment is more common in OB GYN practices. This is due to the rules that surround multi-procedures. … Continue reading

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Hire a Medical Billing Service- The Best Cost Cutting Strategy

If you are looking for an effective cost-cutting strategy, outsource your medical billing services to a billing partner. Since a separate, well-trained team will be taking care of your billing and insurance processing needs, your staff will get enough time … Continue reading

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