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Adopting a Multi-Tiered Appeal Process to Improve Revenue in Your Medical Practice

The medical billing and coding process is constantly evolving and newer codes are introduced every day. It is very important for your medical practice to constantly adapt to these changes in their billing and coding systems. The Revenue Cycle Management … Continue reading

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Keeping your Gastroenterology Practice Updated with Changing Billing & Coding Practice

The importance of keeping abreast with the rapidly changing medical coding and billing practices cannot be emphasized enough as Gastroenterology is a rapidly growing area of patient care. Everyday new and detailed surgical procedures and relevant codes are added to … Continue reading

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Should you Choose Medical Billing Software or rely on the one your Medical Billing Service Chooses for you?

Medical practices need to have a quality billing software that will not only automate error-prone billing tasks and code claims properly but also help in verifying patient insurance coverage and increase payment collection. Since a medical billing software has a … Continue reading

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Strengthen Denial Management to Increase Revenue with a Billing Company

A denied claim can be quite frustrating for practices as well as medical billers. If the payer refuses to pay due to minor errors in coding or technicality, practices again have to go through the daunting process of claim re-submission. … Continue reading

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Protect Your Family Practice from Dipping Medicare Rates through FP Billing Services

Approximately 22% patients in a typical family medicine practice are Medicare beneficiaries. Due to this, a 10.6% cut in Medicare fees translates into a reduction of approximately 2.3% in practice income for family physicians. This is a significant reduction if … Continue reading

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How Specialized Billing Service can Help Reduce (EHR) Up-coding Errors?

Is your medical practice facing EHR up-coding errors? There are several benefits associated with the implementation of an EHR. It has proved extremely beneficial for healthcare providers in reducing medical errors and simplifying complexities of documentation during the billing procedure. … Continue reading

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Are you making Medical Billing Mistakes which Increase your AR days?

Is your AR exceeding 1.5 times your monthly charges? If yes, your practice needs to make significant changes to get account receivables back on track. Browse All: Medical Billing Services Practices first need to check their 0 to 30 days … Continue reading

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