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What you should watch out as a Beginner in Optometry Billing and Coding?

Running an Optometry business is not that difficult if you have the right kind of resources with you to complete all the tasks. Right from patient encounter to admissions and from checking their eye problems to getting reimbursed via perfect … Continue reading

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The Role of Medical Billing Consultants in Assisting Physicians

The recent dynamism in the healthcare industry has not just revolutionized the way in which various medical processes are carried out but have also led to an explosive information boom due to new policies, regulations and a complete overhaul in … Continue reading

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Specialty EMR Market not Completely Tapped

Recent estimates conclude there are various specialists in the EMR market who rather than using specialty EMR, usually follow the trend of using a general EMR which has a few extra functions; however user views suggest that general EMRs with … Continue reading

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