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Denial Management – Integral to Physicians’ Conquering Reimbursement Challenges While Medical Billing

Denials are responsible for major erosion of practice revenues, and, despite the best efforts, denials continue to assume monstrous proportions. The situation has grown so alarming that: Medical practices fail to collect 25% of the money they are owed $125 … Continue reading

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Predicting the Scope of Medical Billing Consultants after 2014 and beyond

Although it has been quite a while since the Federal Government announced a series of far-reaching healthcare reforms, we are yet to experience their full impact across the healthcare continuum. And, with the Senate bill deferring a major chunk of … Continue reading

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How Medical Billing Consultants are Crucial to Credentialing with Medicare & Medicaid?

Over the years, Credentialing has become an indispensable thing to medical practitioners’ sustenance and growth; so much so that it is impossible to think of undertaking medical practicing without a valid credentialing from the authorized health agencies. Today, credentialing, as … Continue reading

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