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How Can your Practice Make the Best Use of ICD-10 Delay?

ICD-10 compliance date has been extended to October 2015 and while some doctors are disheartened with the delay others are happy. This extension will help practices to prepare better for the implementation of the additional codes ready to be set … Continue reading

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What Do Stage 2 Meaningful Use Guidelines Have in Store for Radiologists?

Stage 2 meaningful use guidelines are finally out, and radiologists may heave a sigh of relief since most of the ambiguity that existed in Stage 1 about their eligibility and the ways to approach the qualification criterion seem to have … Continue reading

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The Significance of HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Services for Gastroenterologists

Gastroenterologists trade patient-centric information for a variety of purposes, and Medical Billing is one of them. While physicians clinical notes on gastroenterology procedures are made use of by coding and billing staff, there may be possibility, intentionally or accidentally, that … Continue reading

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How Healthcare Data Breaches Warrant the Intervention of Billing Specialists

Technology has really done wonders to the way doctors or hospitals document and exchange healthcare data across the clinical eco-system – with the digital mode, it is now finitely possible to record unimaginable volumes of data in miniature chips, and … Continue reading

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It Is Worth Paying for Medical Billing Services Than Be Affected with Suspended Reimbursements

Affordable Care Act, along with a few other pro-beneficiary health care policies, may have helped rationalize cost of health care as well as cost of health care insurance across the broad spectrum – Medicare, Medicaid, and a variety of private … Continue reading

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Avenue for Optimizing Dental Practice Revenue

Unprecedented increase in qualified dental practitioners, technological advancement, and market-driven competition has all contributed to continual decrease in operating margins. The fact that dental practitioners, whose core-concern is to maintain highest standard in dental care, rarely find time or resources … Continue reading

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