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Woundcare Billing


 While conflicting reports about wound care services and management still prevail, it is mandatory to understand that patient documentation is crucial for appropriate coding and billing for wound care services. There is a need to categorically deal with the issues … Continue reading

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Reduce no shows in your Family practice and increase revenue


  Physicians consider it unprofessional when their patients do not show up at the appointed time. No-shows tell upon the revenue, wasting not just the physician’s time but also that of the supporting staff. In order to overcome this issue … Continue reading

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Healthcare CFO’s Pressure Points – Discussed and Revealed


 The healthcare industry, as any other sphere of business, is also fraught with new challenges that come to the fore each day. This brings about tremendous pressure for the health care personnel involved and a CFO also goes under the … Continue reading

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How to Catch Common Medical Billing Errors?


 Miscommunication between the healthcare providers and coding professionals is one of the major reasons behind improper medical billing. The billing system in US has turned complex due to its Affordable Care Act (ACA). With more Americans heading towards insurance coverage … Continue reading

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Reaping Benefits of Pay-for-Performance through Outsourced Billing and Coding Services


 Idea of paying medical providers for their performance has found many backers in the US. According to the supporters, pay-for-performance will remove bad incentives from the current system and stop doctors from performing unnecessary tests and hospitalization of patients. This … Continue reading

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Importance of Striking the Right Balance between Hospital Billing and Medicare Cut


 Hospitals are facing challenges due to Medicare cuts and funding changes. As the Affordable Care Act will settle into place in 2014, small rural hospitals will have to face various concerns such as, significant Medicare payment reductions and new payment … Continue reading

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How Streamlined Hospital Billing Can Increase Patient Satisfaction


 Patient billing is one of the major complaints that patients have when it comes to the total experience of getting medical care. If your hospital is relating patient satisfaction to the patient’s clinical experience, an important aspect is being missed … Continue reading

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