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How can Physicians Use Mobile Devices to Boost Patient Care?

Smartphones have become an integral part of day to day life. As they say nowadays, “there is an app for everything”; it is true indeed. Nowadays there is an application for things ranging from reminders to calorie check to which … Continue reading

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Timely Filing – The New Jugular Vein in Medical Billing

Claims filing differs in case of different insurance carriers. Each insurance carrier has a time frame to adhere to. It can be as less as 30 days or as long as two years. If this time limit is not maintained, … Continue reading

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How to Catch Common Medical Billing Errors?

Miscommunication between the healthcare providers and coding professionals is one of the major reasons behind improper medical billing. The billing system in US has turned complex due to its Affordable Care Act (ACA). With more Americans heading towards insurance coverage … Continue reading

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How can Streamlined Cardiology Billing Change your Decision to Sell your Private Practice?

Uncertainty over healthcare reforms, rising costs and failing payer reimbursement are some of the factors due to which cardiologists are selling their private practice to hospitals. According to the US Physician and Payer Forum report of 2013, approximately 18% of … Continue reading

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Importance of Defining Medical Billing Responsibilities at your Medical Practice

Given the increasing complexities of reforms that are affecting the day-to-day operations of healthcare organizations, a generalized workforce has to make way for specialists responsible for specific areas with clearly defined tasks to perform. In a healthcare operation driven by … Continue reading

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Is Your Neurology Billing Team Ready for Handling New Coding Challenges?

Neurology practices face new medical billing and coding rules every year. Due to time constraint, providers fail to follow the new guidelines of Neurology billing which results in incorrect claims and lost payments. It also results in increased administrative/operating costs, … Continue reading

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