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How can Streamlined Medical Billing Help You Deal with Annual Medicare Cuts?

As a result of Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR), physicians face Medicare payment cuts annually. Even though the Congress often steps in to stop the reductions, it has been reported that Medicare reimbursement for physicians will be slashed by 24.4% … Continue reading

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Adopting a Multi-Tiered Appeal Process to Improve Revenue in Your Medical Practice

The medical billing and coding process is constantly evolving and newer codes are introduced every day. It is very important for your medical practice to constantly adapt to these changes in their billing and coding systems. The Revenue Cycle Management … Continue reading

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Preparing Your Medical Practice For Intricate Procedure Coding

The medical field is rapidly evolving and subsequently has regular advances in medical billing and coding procedures. Even though your medical practice might be using the latest RCM and ICD codes it can be caught unawares of these changes. The … Continue reading

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Avoid These Common Coding Mistakes in Your Family Practice with a Medical Billing Partner

Operating costs was listed as the top concern for medical practices in 2013; however, billing and payment hurdles also kept physicians on their toes. Family practitioners also raced in order to keep up with changes in CPT codes that proved … Continue reading

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Enjoy Timely Reimbursements even while vacationing with a proactive Medical Billing Service

Planning to take a vacation? You can certainly bring a temporary physician to cover for you while you are on a holiday but what about reimbursements? Regardless of your plans, if your st affing and reimbursement strategies are not in … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Medical Billing complexity Make You Close down Your Private Practice

Number of private practices is dropping in the US due to pressure from healthcare reforms. They are into financial troubles due to changing regulations, shrinking insurance reimbursements and rising costs of business and drugs. Medicare and Medicaid cuts are also … Continue reading

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Will fee-for-Value Billing Model Lead to Employee Attrition in Healthcare?

Fee-for-Value or Pay-for-performance billing models are making waves in healthcare industry and care providers are finding it increasingly difficult to adapt to the changes brought on by them. Most importantly, this change in billing model is accentuating pressure on current … Continue reading

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